Radio Free Earth

Like some great pirate radio station in the sky, Radio Free Earth plays the stuff you just need to hear. The band dubs its style Neo-Retro or Crossover. It’s paradoxically acoustic and electric, rootsy and innovative, funny and serious, and political and spiritual.

“Blues, country, rock’n’roll, folk – those are just names,” says bandleader Joshua Wachtel. “We do all of ’em and more. We might play a reggae song from Nigeria, or even Nashville, or throw a little Tuvan throat singing into a doo wop number. What matters to us is the song, not the style. We do unknown songs by great people and great songs by people you never heard of. And if we can’t find a song we need, we’ll write it.”

Radio Free Earth has played in New York City, San Diego, Philadelphia, Ottawa and Sighisoara, Romania, the birthplace of Dracula. The group is currently based in Western Massachusetts and has produced six CDs on the Handknit Records label.

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